Financial Consolidation

Whereas Budgetting is very fleksibel, Consolidation is covered by different laws. This gives the benefit, of a more controlled process, and you still have some flexibility in how, you reach your target.

No matter how you choose to start a project in regards to implementing a Consolidation system, it is always a good idea to have the present process documented. Despite the fact that all the routines are deeply incorporated, the documentation will provide an overview, and align everyones understanding of the process. It also gives you the opportunity whether or not you can divide the process into phases, which again gives a better project management of an implementation. Because now it is small foreseeable parts of the whole process.

This is an exampel of how the process can be documented.


I have helped different companies setting up Consolidation solutions in Oracle HFM and SAP BPC. Whether it is one or the other system does not make the process different. The process should fit to the company and not the system.

I can help you with:

  • Clarifying and documentation of the Consolidation process
  • Set up the Consolidation in the systems above
  • Make recommendations, if the system can underpin the process in a better way